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Hi there and thank you for stopping by today. Welcome to part two of questions to ask a potential financial planner.

My name is Tina Anders. I am the owner and founder and certified financial planner for Anders Wealth Management located in Petaluma, California serving Sonoma and Marin counties and the greater area.

Here’s one question that you can ask a potential financial planner, how will you get to know me in order to give me high quality understanding of my personal goals, and dreams, and hopes? And what you’re looking for here is we’re going to give you a data questionnaire, great. We all need a data questionnaire but what you’re listening for is, are you going to sit with me? Are you going to be a high-quality listener? Or are you just going to be in the back of your mind thinking about what questions to ask me next, without giving full empathy and curiosity to the financial situation? When I say financial situation, I mean things that apply to a financial situation now, but also a financial situation down the road.

As a certified financial planner, I’m looking at what impacts today’s living has on future living. And I’m also looking at what goals have an impact on today’s living. So, you want a full picture? You want good listening.

Another question to ask how will you provide a comprehensive and tailored solution to meet my needs, and help me achieve my goals? And the answer is experience. You’re looking for someone to tell you they’ve been in the industry for a while. They’ve seen a lot of different situations. They’ve dealt with an array of financial objectives and goals and data and scenarios. And they will help you by customizing a plan to you and you alone. Important.

Next question you might ask is, will you preserve my assets in a volatile slash down market? And the answer that you’re looking for of course, is yes! But how will you do it? One way that I use that has proven to be extremely successful, and I can speak to the success of this having gone through the 2008 Great Recession. And also here we are in COVID-19 of 2020. Clients are very happy because they have not had to adjust their lifestyles based on the markets because our build bond ladders. And a bond ladder is something I’d be happy to talk with you about at some point. A government guaranteed pension like bond ladder will give you the peace of mind that other ways of investing may not. And when it comes to preserving assets, you want that and you really want that when it comes to recessions and unfortunate COVID-19 type markets.

Another question you might ask, how will you provide me high quality, ongoing service throughout the year as questions I have, or needs arise? You are listening for someone who is on call, there for you, throughout the year at no additional charge. You want someone who’s got your information, got your plan, has you in mind, is able to field your questions. Have meetings anytime you need meetings, you want someone who’s there for you. That’s really important. It’s not a once or twice a year thing. But obviously they’re going to want to meet with you on an ongoing basis. But also, they need to be there for you when you have ongoing needs and questions.

Another question would be, how do you build relationships, relationships based on mutual respect? And do you enjoy working with your clients and your clients enjoy working with you? And the question, the answer, of course, is yes, we do build relationships based on mutual respect. And that is a back and forth mutual relationship that has built over time. Trust is a huge element when it comes to mutual respect, and especially working with a financial advisor. So that will come over time. But we, I do build relationships based on mutual respect. I have respect for my clients and their situations. They have respect for me and what I can bring to the table as well. I love working with my clients. My clients, I believe, enjoy working with me. We enjoy each other’s company. It’s a friendly and respectful atmosphere. I appreciate that very much.

Tune in to part three for questions to ask a potential financial planner. Thanks again for stopping by, I appreciate you listening in. Comment below with any questions, comments, or if you have any topics you would like me to discuss in the future, I will try to put a video out for you. Thanks again. I am in your corner.